Desnogorsk Polymer Plant

Due to recent amalgamation of polymeric film material manufacturers – Technopack-Flex LLC and Desnogorsk Polymer Plant LLC – the unified commercial industrial holding established by two partners became the leader by overall production of high barrier polymer package in Russia. The high barrier films with EVOH are used in production of vacuum bags and packs for product storage in the gas modified media as well as for any other existing methods of food product storage.

The team of highly qualified specialists of the holding is responsible for the complete cycle of package production: from development of individual formulations taking into account the specific features of the packed products and customer’s production capacity up to production of multilayer / laminated film (bags) with interlayer or surface full color printing, metallization, anti-fogging (anti-misting additive preventing from the pack sweating), peel-effect (ensuring easy opening of the pack).

The developers of new packaging materials have an up-to-date laboratory where they can hold all basic physical and mechanical tests of the films and analyze their welding, optical properties and structure. The Quality Control Department works twenty-four hours a day in order to ensure continuous on-line control of observance of the fabrication process. The amalgamated company supplies film for packing machines of flow-pack type (vertical/horizontal), FFS (for vacuum packaging and modified gas media), and bag making machines.

The holding has achieved a special success in film production for the dairy industry. Besides the high quality three-layer dairy films the plant mastered production of the film with a twist effect, so called “Polymer Paper”, in 2010. It is a highly-filled PE film possessing a stable memory and pure whiteness. It is used for packing of curd cheese, curd products, butter, spreads and other dairy and fat-containing products produced under the Depol-P trademark. State Scientific Institution “All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute of Dairy Industry” (GNU VNIMI) (Moscow) and State Scientific Institution “All Russian Scientific and Research Institute of Butter and Cheese Making of the Russia Agricultural Academy” (GNU VNIIMS) conducted comprehensive tests of the developed material in comparison with its import analogues and polyfoil as reference samples. Our material passed all the tests.

All films are manufactured under the DEPOL trademark.

We use the raw material supplied only by the leading world manufacturers.

Desnogorsk Polymer Plant ensures qualitative and prompt order processing and individual approach to every client.

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variety of film types with excellent barrier properties

barrier film for packaging

Films for Laminations

suitable for adhesives and printing

Films for Laminations

Films for Printing

one-layer and multilayer films with good activation

Films for Printing


excellent adhesivenessand puncture resistance

stretch film

Packaging Products

We offer a large selection of barrier films

The barrier films are based on polyamide (PA) and ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH).

Basically, the barrier films are divided into two groups:

  • High barrier (with permeability of basic gases: O2, N2, CO2 , H2O vapor – not more than 5.0 cm32 *24 hour*1 bar)
  • Medium barrier (with permeability of basic gases: O2, N2, CO2 , H2O vapor- more than 5 up to 100 cm32 *24 hour*1 bar).

See also production in St. Petersburg: flexographic printing, lamination, vacuum bags.

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