Barrier films

Barrier films - sausage packagingWe offer a wide range of barrier films for different types of package.

The barrier films are based on polyamide (PA) and ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH).

Basically, the barrier films are divided into two groups:

  • High barrier (with permeability of basic gases: O2, N2, CO2 , H2O vapor – not more than 5.0 cm32 *24 hour*1 bar)
  • Medium barrier (with permeability of basic gases: O2, N2, CO2 , H2O vapor- more than 5 up to 100 cm32 *24 hour*1 bar).

See detailed description of barrier film permeability

The high barrier films allow:

  • Sufficient increase of packaged product shelf life (up to 180-365 days);
  • Increase of package shelf life owing to prevention from laminate layer separation due to oil effect on the lamination glue;
  • To avoid using aluminum foil in the package of ketchup, sauce and other products, therefore, simplifying the lamination process;
  • Product storage in transparent package subject to using of the UV filters. The DEPOL high barrier films with the PE/PA EVOH PA/PE structure are highly transparent and resistant to puncture and damage (full name of the structure layers: polyethylene, adhesive, polyamide, ethylene-vinyl alcohol, polyamide, adhesive, polyethylene).

The medium barrier films based on polyamide copolymer are used for packaging in vacuum and modified gas media. They are highly tough and resistant to puncture and damage. It is very important for packaging of products with sharp and piercing parts, for example, fish, fish semi-finished products and chickens.

It is possible to use various structures which may be developed according to your technical specification. Description of the structures is conventional and it shall be selected individually for each product, its shelf life and the weighting-and-packing line.

The choice of barrier film depends on designation of your packed products. We offer the following classes of barrier films in terms of the product designation:

  1. Forming films
  2. Top coating films
  3. Films for vacuum and gas-filled bag production
  4. Films for Flow-Packs
  5. Films for Flow-Packs
  6. Films for bag-in-box bags
  7. Special types of barrier films

Additional information about barrier materials

Gas permeability of the barrier films