Modern films for agriculture

Recipes for the production of agro-films in accordance with Russian GOST 10354-82 have now been enriched with new capabilities that make it possible to exceed the requirements of the specified standard, qualitatively changing for the better characteristics such as strength, elongation at break, light transmission, and tear resistance.

Special additives designed both to improve the performance of the films and to expand the "range of services" provided by the films have a huge impact. Of all the possible additives, the most commonly used are light stabilizers and antifogs. The first - increase the resistance of the film against the destructive effects of ultraviolet radiation, thereby extending its service life up to 3 years or more. The second ones prevent the formation of vapor droplets on the film surface. When condensation forms on the surface of the film, it does not collect into drops, but spreads out in a thin even layer.

In addition to films in accordance with GOST 10354-82, we offer other materials for agricultural enterprises. For example, agro-stretch for silage packing.

The main types of agricultural films produced

Greenhouse films. Designed to cover greenhouses and greenhouses. Includes UV stabilizer and antifog.

Films for sterilization and fumigation. Used to prevent the release of methyl bromide and other pesticides from the soil into the atmosphere. Methyl bromide is used to sterilize soil against diseases and harmful viruses or bacteria that can reduce soil fertility. The chemicals are used to prevent disease and insect damage to plants when crops are already harvested and stored in warehouses. Thickness: for sterilization 100-200 microns, for fumigation: 200-250 microns. Required characteristics: high tear resistance, good weldability and low gas permeability (three-layer structure).

Films for covering silo pits. They are characterized by increased strength, elongation and tensile strength, reduced gas permeability. Their use improves the quality of feed by reducing the temperature and improving the quality of fermentation.

Agro-stretch for wrapping silage bales. It is a necessary packaging material for the implementation of the "haylage in packaging" technology.