Stretch films

Stretch film is the most popular packaging material that comes in rolls wound on cardboard sleeves of various widths. It is in demand in the packaging of goods for storage, transportation, sale. The key feature of the film is that it is able to stretch and shrink, providing a secure fit. The value of this packaging material is due to its unique properties:

  • extensibility - the ability to change the length by 4-5 times of the primary value;
  • instant compression after stretching to its original shape;
  • increased resistance to breakouts and punctures;
  • high adhesion to similar material and low adhesion to goods that are packed in film.

Our company produces several types of stretch films, differing in characteristics and purpose:

  • Stretch film for food packaging  (used for packaging bread and bakery products, vegetables, fruits, loose products, including fatty ones - meat and semi-finished meat products, fish and fish semi-finished products, poultry, butter, cheese, pizza).
  • Stretch film for manual pallet packing  (serves for packing various, including various-sized cargoes on pallets by the wrapping method in order to ensure the safety of goods during transportation)
  • Agro-stretch  (used for packaging feed in animal husbandry)
  • Stretch film for packing luggage  (can be used for packing baggage items at the post office, transport companies, airports, etc.)
  • Stretch film for machine packaging  (designed for packing by palletizer)