Products of Desnogorsk Polymer Plant

Desnogorsk Polymer Plant offers You multi-purpose polymer films used as a thermosealing layer in composite materials, for printing, metallization and as the basic packing material.

Упаковка готовой продукцииBarrier Films

  • For substrate layer forming;
  • For top layer forming (skin layer);
  • For bag-in-box package;
  • For vacuum gas-filled bags;
  • For doy-pack bags;
  • Special films.

Packing Films (for laminations)

  • Films for frozen food packing;
  • Films for infant food packing;
  • Films for household chemicals packing (synthetic detergents, shampoos, gels, liquid soaps, etc.);
  • Films for dry food packing;
  • Films for pasta packing;
  • Films for soil and fertilizer packing;
  • Films for doy-pack packing (mayonnaise, sauce, ketchup, etc.);
  • Films for spices packing (bulk and liquid);
  • Films for paper product packing (napkins, paper handkerchieves, etc.);
  • Films with a peel effect.

Films for Decorative Metallization

Films for Printing

Films with a Peel Effect

Stretch Films

  • Films for manual packing of cargo on pallets (15-20 μm);
  • Preliminary expanded films for food product packing (6-9 μm);
  • Hay film for hay bale packing (25 μm).

Shrinkable Films

  • "O" and "T" films for group packing into cases;
  • "U" films for individual packing;
  • "P" films for pallet packing.

Agricultural Films

  • Greenhouse films;
  • Films for mulching;
  • Films for degermination and fumigation;
  • Films for amelioration;
  • Silo films (for silo covering).

Films for Further Recycling

  • Films for bags
  • Films for bags and inserts;
  • Films for covers.

Industrial-use Films

Our specialist will develop individual formulation for Your order for the purpose of efficient use of the film and improvement of the basic properties (shrinking properties, bondability, puncture and ripping resistance, optical properties, etc.).