Films with Peel Effect

Easily opened lids represent laminated materials which are sealed with different packing products (jars, trays, containers, glasses, etc.).

Such lids combine two important properties in proper ratio which often turn to be counteractive with variation of materials:

  • They ensure reliability of the pressure-tight seam;
  • They ensure easy opening of the pack by hand without any tools or sharp means.

Пленка Peel-эффект

If the package is provided with easily opened sealed lid, it usually consists of the lower rigid container and upper flexible sealing film.

Usually, the upper film (peel-film) is a flexible laminate based on paper, foil, plastic film. The lower material is a rigid container: thermoformed rigid plastic, glass, ceramics, aluminum.

Our enterprise offers Peel-Films intended for using as the upper sealing lid. These films meet the latest modern requirements of the easy-open technology. They have high barrier properties, are easily sealed with the container, ensure easy and quick opening of the package without any efforts without any piercing or cutting tools

We offer the peel-films in different forms: ready-to-use and laminated, PET-polyethylene and as the basis for printing and lamination.

The peel-film basis is manufactured according to two formulations:

  1. Pell effect to APET, CPET, PP, PS and PVS with sealing seam strength from 6 up to 12 N/15mm (depending on sealing mode) and with tight sealing to PE.
  2. Pell effect only to PE from 6 up to 12 N/15mm.

Prior to make a request, please, consult our specialists concerning designation, application of the film and methods of work with our products.