Greenhouse Film

The greenhouse film improves the temperature conditions, protects plants against wind, etc., and, therefore, reduces the ripening time and increases cropping capacity. Due to prevention from infrared rays removal from the soil and plants, the film creates artificial environment called the “greenhouse effect”.

Пленка тепличная

Test results show that the greenhouse film provides the following advantages:

  • The croppers ripen 10-15 days faster, therefore, you can start selling them earlier, and the expenses will be compensated due to a higher price of the goods;
  • The cropping capacity increases by 15-20%;
  • Reduces the risk of crop loss due to frosts.

Additionally, our greenhouse films contain special additives several times increasing film fracture strength. The films withstand a high number of fracture and bending cycles. Such property significantly increases the covered material resistance to ageing under conditions of atmospheric wind load. All our greenhouse films contain stabilizing additives increasing the film shelf life be several years. The films with the best stabilization may be used year-round for 6 years.

We manufacture the films in according with your request (thickness, width and winding length).