Stretch Film for Food Products

Stretch film. Due to the stretching properties this film may be used as the packing material able to cling to the product without creasing and to leave no space between the product and the package. The self-adhesive properties of these films ensure the opportunity to fix the material without any special sealing means. The packaging can be made manually.

stretch film)

Key properties:

  • High level of preliminary orientation (more than 200%);
  • Excellent adhesiveness;
  • High resistance to puncture;
  • Low spread of break in the traverse direction;
  • Excellent holding force;
  • Low content of gel particles;
  • Thickness 5-10 μm;
  • Width – 22.5 cm; 30.0 cm; 45.0 cm;
  • Winding length – to be determined by the customer.

The food stretch film is used to pack bread and bakery products, vegetables, fruit, products sold by weight, including fat products (meat and meat semi-finished products, fish and fish semi-finished products, poultry, butter, cheese, pizza).

Optical transparency providing the opportunity of visual inspection of the packed product and barrier properties protecting the product against mechanical damage and soaking are critical properties of the stretch film.

The stretch film produced at our plant by blown extrusion is characterized by high strength and flexibility when stretching at moderate speed. The guaranteed tensile property of the polyethylene stretch film amounts to 75-85%. At the same time such film has a very high elongation ratio which is determined by film stretching at moderate speed without in a smooth flowing manner.