"O" and "T" Shrinkable Film

GOST 25951-83

Shrinkable FilmOur shrinkable film is:

  • a very rigid package (high modulus of elasticity);
  • improved optical properties contributing to esthetic and attractive appearance of the product;
  • wide sealing temperature range (for examples, 120 – 180°С), saving your time on packing equipment adjustment;
  • high strength of the case “window” which is convenient for transportation of the case with products and placement of pallets with cases one onto another.

The O and T shrinkable film is intended for packaging by bundling or overwrapping with further shrinkage of one or several goods. The main consumers of such films are enterprises engaged in water, juice, alcohol beverages bottling.

Usually, such film is used on the automated packing lines. It has attractive appearance, holds the goods in place, protects them against environmental impacts, simplifies the process of stocking and transportation of products, and ensures safety of the goods.

We produce multilayer shrinkable films. They have a better combination of such properties as shrinkage, tensile strength and resistance to puncture, shrinkage force, transparency and price. We can produce shrinkable films with the properties you need by way of combining materials of Russian and foreign manufacturers of polyethylene. The production process allows introduction of various additives: sliding, antistatic, antilocking.