"U" Shrinkable Film

GOST 25951-83

Shrinkable FilmOur shrinkable film is:

  • a very rigid package (high modulus of elasticity);
  • improved optical properties contributing to esthetic and attractive appearance of the product;
  • wide sealing temperature range (for examples, 120 – 180°С), saving your time on packing equipment adjustment;
  • high strength of the case “window” which is convenient for transportation of the case with products and placement of pallets with cases one onto another.

The U shrinkable film is intended for single packaging of products, such as wallpaper, books, and magazines. Thus type of film is manufactures using, mainly, imported polyethylene in order to make the film transparent.

The main purpose of this film is product protection against moisture impact.

The production process allows introduction of various additives: sliding, antistatic, antilocking.