4 Films for Flow-Packs

"Flow-Pack"is a special package used mainly for single goods and objects. For example, such type of package is used for chocolate sticks, waffles, candies, cookies, caramel, chocolate bars, ice-cream, bread and bakery products and even for cheese slabs, meat and fish portions, fruit and vegetables, for inedible single goods.

Films for Flow-PacksThe flow-pack films shall have special properties determined by the nature of the packing equipment operation. The seaming is performed by the flow-pack machines at high speed. But the contact of the sealing elements with the material is minimal. Therefore,the films shall be characterized by excellent bondability in order to make reliable seams.

Our flow-pack film has the following structure: PET12//PE/EVOH/PE, or may consist of PA/PE/EVOH/PE. In contrast to the top coating film it contains ionomer materials in the sealed layers which allow using this film at high speed of the packing machines. During the tests of our film in industrial conditions at one of the meat processing plants the machine made 25 packages per minute. During the idle tests the result was 100 cycles per minute.

Our films have all necessary certificates and hygiene certificates. They may be used in contact with food products. They are nonacid forming and do not affect the flavor properties of the products, do not cause mutual migration of the packing material and product components, do not contain harmful additives and impurities as compared with the polyvinylchloride films.