Top Coating Films

2.1 Coextruded Medium Barrier Unsymmetrical Top Coating Films

The films are intended for sealing to the lower formed film on the FFS lines as well as for sealing of the ready trays. O2 ≤ 30-60 cm3/m2/24h*1 bar. Interlayer printing is possible. The films have high sealing properties even through oil and contamination and may have the PEEL effect to different materials. They are easily used on the lines, have perfect appearance and sufficient barrier capacity for medium barrier types of package. Wide range of application: packaging of sausage, half-finished meat and fish, dairy products, etc.

2.2 Laminated Medium Barrier Unsymmetrical Top Coating Films

The BOPET/PE two-layer film material is a high quality package protecting the product against moisture, gases and odors.

Combination of polyethylene (PE) and biaxially oriented film (BOPET) allows piecing together the advantages of each polymer: low permeability, thermal fastness. This material combines environmental friendliness of the biaxially oriented film (BOPET) and critical properties of polyethylene (PE), such as humidity resistance, water resistance, bondability, excellent sanitary properties, and cost effectiveness. Interlayer printing is possible.

High mechanical stability of the material in combination with controlled technical properties, such as given friction coefficient and improved bondability, allow BOPET/PE material processing using vertical and horizontal units.

2.3 Laminated High Barrier Unsymmetrical Top Coating Films

This film is produced by gluing of multilayer coextruded high barrier base materials with BOPET. It is necessary to improve physical and mechanical properties of the film and to make it look attractive in terms of esthetics. For example, in production of the film with interlayer printing. The film has high sealing properties, even through oil and contamination. The material may have the PEEL effect to different materials. It is ideal for packing in the modified gas media.

Such films contain ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer layer (EVOH) as the barrier material. The complex structure of such films ensures practically absolute tightness, high stability of the modified gas media composition inside the package and reliable protection against foreign external odors, from the environment.